At Wellness at the Square we are passionate about your physical and mental wellbeing. So studio, the first of its kind in Lisburn, boasts a range of therapeutic treatments using the latest cutting-edge technology.

We Help You Stay Healthy

But our infrared saunas, dry floatation & PEMF therapies can address a wide range of support you on your journey. Whether its pain relief, injury recovery, detoxification, weight loss or simply a need to relax and unwind. Our studio offers you the means to achieve this in our ambient and relaxing treatment rooms. But infused with therapeutic essential oils and equipped with medical grade chromotherapy.

Our wellness studio also benefits from an in-house juice bar providing you with the nutritional benefits of fresh fruit and vegetables to further enhance your healing and well being experience. We offer a range of delicious fresh juices and smoothies as well as healthy on the go foods and snacks.

At Wellness at the Square, we are passionate about your physical and mental well-being. Our studio boasts a range of therapeutic treatments.

Our Mission.

We want you to feel your best, look your best and be your best. We want to help you detox your body and your mind from the stresses of modern life. We understand that if you feel better on the inside, then you’ll look better on the outside. 

Looking after yourself and availing of these cutting edge treatments can be a costly business. Our mission at Wellness at the Square is to make this affordable and enable you to make it a way of life.