Studio FAQ

No. Membership sessions are highly discounted and cannot be shared with friends or family.

All sessions within your subscription package must be used up each month. Your allocation will refresh monthly on the date you first subscribed. Sessions can be booked up to 14 days in advance.

We accept all major debit and credit cards including Visa and Mastercard.

Membership agreement is for a minimum of 3 months. Should you wish to cancel membership we require you to notify us by email 30 days prior to billing date.

Our Guest experience, safety, and wellness is our top priority. 

Mon – Thursday 10am – 10pm

Friday – Saturday 10am – 9pm

Sunday 12pm – 6pm

All memberships require a minimum 3 month commitment and auto-renew monthly thereafter. Membership cancellation requires a 30 days notice from the monthly billing date. If you would like to cancel your membership, simply send us an email at hello@wellnessatthesquare.com


Please note, you can also request to either “downsize” your membership if you don’t need as many sessions each month, or put it on hold.

Infrared Sauna FAQ

Yes, which will be regained upon rehydration. But the calories burned are real. As you relax in the gentle heat of our saunas, your body is actually hard at work pumping blood (increased heart rate), increasing circulation and producing sweat to cool you down. This results in a caloric burn!

Going to the sauna is popular for relaxing and socialising, however, using a sauna has many benefits. Based on your individual health and wellness goals, we recommend going to the sauna at least 2-3 times a week. For even better results, going to the sauna 4-5 times a week is recommended. We suggest you try our infrared sauna immediately following your workout/fitness program to see the best results.

Yes. By increasing your heart rate and core body temperature by 3 degrees in your session, it could take up to an hour to return to normal. We encourage you to stay active before or after your session if you want to maximize the calorie burn.

We recommend you consult your doctor in case of any medical concerns. Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult when using the sauna. 16-18 can use the sauna with parental consent.

Our saunas are full-spectrum Infrared Saunas so they use a combination of all three! 

Yes! Our saunas use the most effective and safe infrared heaters on the market. The EMF levels in our saunas will be mostly below 1mg when tested directly on the heater itself. Where you are sitting in the sauna, the EMF levels are virtually 0 mg. The ELF levels in our saunas are 3 – 5 times below the threshold of concern.

Color Light Therapy, also known as Chromotherapy, is a method of treatment that uses the visible spectrum (colors) of electromagnetic light to restore balance to one’s physiology. It is a centuries-old concept used successfully over the years to treat various diseases and ailments.

Dry Floatation FAQ

Just yourself. No showering after, no wet rooms or changing rooms. Just come into your own private studio, kick off your shoes, RELAX and float into another dimension.

Comfortable everyday clothing is perfect. You will be asked to remove all jewelry and objects from your pockets and anything sharp that may be on your person.

Do not drink caffeine or energy drinks as they may make it hard for you to fully relax.

In short no, our Zerobody bed combines the extraordinary physical and mental benefits of weightlessness with an extreme speed and ease of use. When you lie down you will feel the rigid supporting surface be lowered electronically immersing the body in the patented special membrane for a complete dry floating experience. You will feel like you’re levitating on zero gravity.


PEMF is a non-invasive holistic therapy that is clinically valid and offers another tool to help promote wellness and healing. It is safe for both children and adults and should be considered when you are looking to improve wellness.

There is not a maximum amount of time for PEMF treatments. You can use most PEMF machines as long as you would like. The electromagnetic energy produced during PEMF therapy is completely safe.

PEMF is an extremely safe therapy in most situations. This is especially true with the type of very low intensity PEMF systems that we supply, which on their lowest settings are weaker than Earth’s magnetic field. However, you are conservatively advised to not use it with these conditions:

  • During pregnancy
  • With epilepsy
  • When a heart pacemaker or other electrical implant has been fitted
  • Following an organ transplant

And it should only be used with the approval of a doctor, in case of:

  • Presence of tumors
  • Serious cardiac arrhythmia
  • Acute attacks of hyperthyroidism
  • Extreme sensitivity to electromagnetic fields.

If you do not have electrical implants, you are not an organ transplant patient, and you are not pregnant, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy can improve your overall health and quality of life.

For any health condition or undiagnosed pain, it’s always best that you first consult your GP for a professional diagnosis. It’s also a good idea if they know that you are treating yourself with PEMF. Even if they are orthopaedic specialists (PEMF has an outstanding track record with bone fractures and osteoporosis), in the UK it’s unlikely they will have heard of it.

The only cautionary note is that any therapy that truly makes the body more efficient at a cellular level will also make its response to drugs more efficient. So, if you are taking medicine, it’s advisable to discuss the continuing dosage with your doctor since it may be possible and advisable to gradually reduce it as time goes by. Unless you’re just taking something like aspirin, your doctor should be the person to decide whether a reduced dosage is appropriate.